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Stray Local is the husband-and-wife songwriting duo of Jamie Rowen and Hannah Lomas based in Wilmington, North Carolina. The pair performs a bouquet of indie sounds punctuated by rich vocal harmonies, catchy guitar riffs, and well crafted melodies all woven together by their folk beginnings and new pop sensibilities. They released their debut EP “Passenger” in the summer of 2018.

When the couple is not writing or performing as Stray Local they are running the roads and trails along their tour route, competing in 5ks through marathons and even obstacle course races. In March 2019, they launched the Stray Local "Run Wild" campaign inspiring healthy living and an active lifestyle partnering with local run clubs throughout the country and rolling out their Run Wild activewear line. 


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Jamie and Hannah are avid runners, competing in 5ks through marathons. Jamie is also a competitive Spartan racer, qualifying for the 2018 Spartan World Championships. The couple was featured on the cover of Runner's World Magazine back in the summer of 2017. 

Stray Local strives to inspire fans to stay active and attends group runs with local run clubs along their tour route. You can join them for a run and stay connected by joining the Stray Local Strava Club.


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